Drone Engineer

Vancouver | Full-time

MetaOptima Technology Inc. is one of Canada’s fastest growing startups looking for an experienced and motivated Drone Engineer to build and execute a results-oriented, and sustainable program to join our team full-time. We design and build complex and cool devices and software as well as develop the next generation of mobile and web digital health solutions. We are focused on empowering physicians with mobile health technologies and providing tools for dermatology and the early detection of skin cancer.

Job Description:

  • Research, design and implement intelligent drones and robots for clinical applications

  • Design, and implement drone navigation algorithms and workflows

  • Build prototypes and run tests to optimize the design, accuracy and efficiency of the drones in a clinical setting

  • Design and implement AI powered navigation, imaging and documentation in integration with DermEngine to embed computer vision and machine learning algorithms in the drone engine

  • Design, implement and manage test and evaluation protocols for the drone algorithms as well as the mechanical and electrical design components

  • Research and implement the best practices for patient safety in the indoor drone operation scenarios

  • Work closely with operations personnel to facilitate the safety testing and completion of projects.

  • Identify relevant opportunities based on existing applications and technologies in the market for agile prototyping as well as designing new intelligent modules for navigation, imaging, and tracking subjects over time.

  • Work with the management team to establish project budgets and timelines and act as a technical liaison between MetaOptima and major centers of excellence in dermatology research, hospitals, consultants and other partners as required.

  • Investigate and promote ideas for new technological developments. Develop new technologies related to autonomous drone systems and applications which provide advantages for MetaOptima.

  • Work closely with the R&D team, Hardware Research and Engineering, Software Dev team, and the management team at MetaOptima to implement it in a larger scale in the DermEngine ecosystem

  • Manage the team of students and research partners from academic partners to partner medical research centers and hospitals to implement the intelligent drone technology in the clinical settings

  • Manage and implement training new users and partners to deploy the drone  in the pilot sites and clinical settings.

  • Manage and implement all grants, patent applications and R&D activities for current and future intelligent drone projects

  • Ensure safety is a top priority in both design and execution of projects. Develop and complete designs in compliance with MetaOptima processes, procedures, standards, and Government Regulations and assist in the development of those processes, procedures, and standards which do not currently exist.


  • Bachelor degree or equivalent certificate in Aviation, or Drone Engineering with experience in Robotics, Mechanical, Electrical, or other relevant disciplines.

  • 1-5 years of experience in R&D institutes/ laboratories.

  • Strong R&D skills and effective Must possess a valid Drone Operators License.

  • Experience in micro drones system design.

  • Knowledge of sensors, BL DC motors and actuators, harmonic drives, motion controllers and drivers.  

  • Knowledge  and experience of programming using open source autopilots.

  • Able to design mechanical parts and modeling by Solidwork software.

  • Experience with rapid prototyping such as 3Dprinting and CNC machining.

  • Knowledge and experience of mass production process.

  • Basic programming skills are an important part of this position.

  • Experience working effectively with technology partners to develop effective advanced solutions is critical.

  • Understanding of the steps to achieve fully automated systems through the implementation of AI for drone technologies is crucial.

  • Knowledge of MS Office is a requirement, experience with Maximo, SAP Systems, and Microsoft Project is an asset.

  • Must be able to communicate and work effectively with technical and non-technical personnel.

  • Must be able to work cooperatively in relationships bridging various levels of authority.

  • Must work well in a team environment and participate effectively in multidisciplinary projects.

  • Accountable for timely completion of assigned engineering projects and technical input within the Automation group.

  • Must have time management skills necessary to complete projects within timelines established.

  • Good leadership, communication and interpersonal skills are required for the position.

  • Experience in the development and creation of robots and drone systems for new applications required.

Drone Engineer

Vancouver | Full-time